Shopping for Wedding Entertainment - 8/20/2015

Shopping for Wedding Entertainment doesn't have to be a difficult task.  Yes, you the shopper do have a lot on your plate, and many decisions to make.  But shopping for Wedding Entertainment can really be one of the most fun parts of the journey!  Here are a few tips we hope you find useful:

1) Work on booking Wedding Entertainment well in advance of the Wedding.  But don't only research it well in advance - also set a goal for yourself to book it well in advance.  Wedding Entertainment vendors book up about 6 months to almost 1 year in advance - especially the good ones!  If you wait too long, for example, until only 2 months ahead of the Wedding to finally contract your Wedding entertainment, your options will be extremely limited.  The result will be either having to pay far more than you wanted to, or settling for something less - and worse, still paying a decent amount for sub-par entertainment.  Don't let that be you!  Good things come to those who plan!

2) How will you know if the Wedding entertainment you're considering is going to deliver on your expectations?  Well, you should do at least one of the following, and perhaps some combination thereof:

  • Ask for a video
  • Ask for references or reviews from previous customers
  • Go see the entertainer perform

The last one will always be the trickiest.  Reason being the entertainers need to be performing on a day you are available to come see them, and their performance must also be open to the public.  So, most often, Wedding entertainment shoppers rely on a video and the recommendation from previous customers, along with what is ultimately settled on in the contract.

3) Make sure the person you are contracting with, the person  ultimately responsible for making sure your entertainment delivers per the contract, is someone you get along with.  They should have helpful ideas for your event, and they should be responsive with your questions and good with timely follow up.  If they are not like this when the pressure is off (ie. well before the Wedding), imagine how it may be come the week and day of the Wedding.  Entertainers earning monetary compensation is only part of it - they should also be working for your good review!