How to Select Songs for Ceremony and Reception - 9/1/2016

​Selecting Songs for your Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception is an important step in the Wedding Planning process.  Here are a few ideas to get you pointed in the right direction!

Ceremony Music:  The ceremony mainly has two events that usually go well with music playing, the processional and the recessional.  For the processional, choose a song that is quieter in nature, more romantic, more solemn.  The party starts later - during the processional, you want the attention to be on the loveliness of the bride, the whole wedding party, the service and the day, and the processional music you select should not distract from that.  "Canon in D" by Pachelbel is a common selection, for example, but a more modern song is fine too as long as it is quiet and serene.  You might also choose to have two different songs for the bridal party processional and the bride's processional.  For the recessional, at the end of the ceremony, this is where the music should be more lively and celebratory.

Reception Music:  The bridal party entrance music should be energetic - the crowd should be up on their feet cheering you in, and the music should inspire that type of excitement.  For your first dance, of course you might have a song that is special to both of you - maybe it was the song playing when you first met, or by band whose concert was your first concert together, or perhaps some other special reason.  For other ceremonial dances, like father/daughter or mother/son dances, this could be songs that reference such a relationship or perhaps a song that is special for your family.

Of course, there may be several other types of ceremonial events at your Wedding Reception, but those cover the main ones that are common to most weddings.  Just remember, the music should fit the mood of the moment and create the appropriate emotion for the moment.